President Obama's planned address to children causing controversy

It's been billed as a pep talk for students to do well in school.

But President Obama's planned address to students next week is causing a lot of controversy.

School systems across Kentucky have been taking many calls from upset parents.

For the first time in history, the president is addressing the nation's students as a whole, in a speech scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday.

"(It's) a message to stay in school, work hard," Fayette County Superintendent Stu Silberman said. "We believe it will be a good motivational talk and it will be showing in all our schools. I think there's been some misinformation out. Some thought the speech would be political, about things like health care. But that's not the case from the information we received from the Secretary of Education."

Fayette County schools have received some calls from parents concerned about the address. But Silberman hopes a letter sent home with students Thursday will clear up misconceptions and answer questions.

Silberman says if parents are adamant, they can have their children opt out of seeing the speech.

The Courier-Journal reports Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday wants school districts to provide other activities for children whose parents object to the speech.

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