Cockfighting Ring Discovered In Southern Kentucky

A cockfighting ring is discovered in Southern Kentucky.

Investigators are looking into the Sally Gap Game Club in Whitely County. We’re told cock fights are known to take place at the Whitley County club nearly every weekend.
A national animal activist group now wants to know why no one has been arrested.

The Humane Society of the United States sent in an undercover investigator this past weekend. The organization tells us it is one of the biggest cockfighting rings they’ve ever seen. The arena has stadium seating with a capacity of several hundreds. Several fighting rings are setup inside the building.

The HSUS found out about the cockfighting ring after seeing an ad in Gamecock magazine, a trade publication for people who are involved in cockfighting.

Cockfighting is against the law in Kentucky. It is also illegal to be a spectator at a cockfight. Both are misdemeanors.

The Whitley County Sheriff says he is aware of the situation at the club, but says he does not have enough help to enforce the law.

The undercover video taken by the HSUS has been sent to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office.

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