People line up for seasonal flu shots

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It was the 4th year for the drive-thru flu shot clinic in Franklin county.
However, this year, the county health director says turn-out surpassed all of their previous clinics.
Cars were lined up around the block nearly an hour before it even began.
"I would attribute that to the news of H1N1 - again this is not H1N1 (vaccine), it's seasonal, but it conditions them to come out," said Paula Alexander, director of Franklin County Health Department.
Several people getting shots for the seasonal flu wanted to know when they could get one for H1N1.
Health officials say the H1N1 vaccine won't be available until mid-October.
It's something Nina Anglin wants soon; her daughter is expecting a baby in two months.
"They are expecting it to be a concern to older people and infants, so I just want to make sure we're being safe for her," says Anglin.
But for now, the people in line wanted to protect themselves from what they could.
The health director says the more health-conscious people are right now - the better.

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