Bill Filed To Outlaw Alcohol Vaporizing Device

It's reportedly become all the rage at bars in Britain. Alcohol is consumed not by drinking it, but by inhaling it through what looks like a medical breathing device. It's sold on the premise, and you get a quicker buzz without the side effects.

"They're telling young women you don't have the carbs, don't have a hangover and also, it's being marketed so that you don't have to test the blood alcohol level,” says Rep. Susan Westrom, D-Lexington.

Westrom wants the AWOL device illegal in Kentucky because she says taking alcohol in this way is more addictive and more dangerous. And, it's being marketed to college kids through the internet. Westrom filed the bill Thursday.

'I think it's a great idea. I've never heard of it, but it sounds very dangerous,” says UK Student Emily Brooks.

Westrom doesn't want to see the device in Kentucky bars. If her bill passes, a bar caught with the device could lose its liquor license. Users caught with one could lose their driver's license. But some students don't buy the claims that the device is dangerous

"Sounds safer to me; probably more effective, cheaper. Just overall better than the traditional way,” says UK Student Matthew Stein.

However, Westrom says the danger is how quick some could get drunk in using it. "When you inhale it, alcohol goes straight to the lungs, to your blood, in to your brain," she explains.

Plus, she says the device isn't regulated by any agency and anyone can get their hands on it.