Dramatic Standoff Video

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At the end of September 2004 Warren County Sheriff's Deputies and Kentucky State Police went to serve Russell Sublett with a warrant for his arrest. But Sublett ran from the house and jumped in his car leading them on a high speed chase while firing shots at the office.

The video picks up with Russell Sublett driving over spike strips as he drove erratically through Warren County. But the strips didn't disable Sublett from his quest to get away from police. He pulled a woman out of her Pontiac and stole it. During the carjacking, police held their fire until she was out of danger.

Sublett then continued leading police on a chase near the Warren and Edmonson County lines where he rammed the car through the gates and into the front of the home of his former employer. He holed up in the basement of that home for several days.

During that time, police sent a robot with a camera attached to down the basement stairs. That's where he stood to fire shots at police.

Sublett was shot in the shoulder by police when he charged at officers with a 12 gauge shotgun.

After four days he surrendered to police, saying he hoped they would have killed him.

Earlier this week he was convicted of five counts of attempted murder. He is scheduled for sentencing in May. The charges for attempted murder and carjacking carry punishments ranging from 125 years to life in prison.

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