Crooks use drill to crack open restaurant safe

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Police are looking for some determined crooks after a Lee's chicken safe is found in pieces and the money inside is gone.

The owner of Lee's Chicken in Berea says it's something out of a movie.

When he came to work Friday morning he didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until he looked at his office door.

Steve Carter says someone kicked in his door to get access to the floor safe.

He says they used a high power drill to penetrate the safe, something a locksmith says could of taken up to a half an hour to crack open.

Inside, Carter says, was not much, just enough to start the restaurant for the day.

He also says the crooks went to great lengths to cover their tracks, replacing the drive-thru window they apparently entered through, and replaced the brick on the outside of the back door of the restaurant as well.

Police are working with the owner to find whoever is responsible, meanwhile Carter says he plans to buy a stronger safe.

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