Timothy Brown sentenced in sister's death

Timothy Brown was sentenced Friday in his sister's death, after her mummified remains were found in the trunk of his car, parked in St. Louis.

Police think she'd been dead for years.

They say her brother, Brown, was continuing to collect the woman's social security checks.

Friday afternoon, a Scott County judge sent Brown to prison, but not before Brown had a say in court.

He says he admits to being selfish, but told a judge his sister did not die because of his greed.

A psychologist took the stand today, telling the judge Brown is not an 'evil' person, but faces things in life as an adolescent would, not as an adult.

When asked if Brown had anything to say he told the judge he now knows what he did was wrong, which he says is something he has to live with.

After Brown said that, the judge went ahead and sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

The judge went on to say he suspects a lot of people knew Brown was not capable of managing his sister's situation and if someone would have stepped up, things may have been a lot different.

Brown admitted to keeping his sister's social security checks long after she died.

Medical testing on her remains never provided a cause of death.

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