New Guidelines Prepare Daycares for H1N1

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As concerns continue to grow surrounding the flu, the focus turns to young children in daycares. The federal government has released new guidelines for child care facilities to prevent the virus from spreading.
"Kids under five can really spread germs," says Beth Hicks, Assistant Director at Cherish the Children Daycare in Lexington, " they don't understand that swapping a toy in their mouth or not covering your mouth or washing hands will get you sick."
That's why the CDC has released a set of guidelines for child-care facilities, to prevent the spread of H1N1.
Kids under 5 are at an increased risk of complications.
Encouraging good hygiene is on the list of guidelines.
"We talk about washing hands more, and being on top of it if they cough or sneeze or blow their nose to make sure they wash their hands and do it properly," says Hicks.
The assistant director says they regularly disinfect the toys, mats, and tables.
The CDC also recommends sending the kids home if they get sick.
"If they are sick we make sure they stay out for atleast 24 hours, and they can't come back until they are better and with a doctor's note," says Hicks.
Cherish the Children has already seen a drop in numbers. Concerned parents of several children under 8 months of age pulled their kids out recently.
But employees say they've stayed educated, and have had no flu cases yet.
"I'm hoping that if we know what we're doing and stay on top of it, we should be ok," says Hicks.

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