Dealership closes unexpectedly

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The Auto Banc on Nicholasville car dealership is nothing but an empty lot.

Bank representatives reportedly repossessed the company's assets including cars and office equipment earlier this week.

Some customers are now left with many unanswered questions when it comes to recent purchases.

"It's a nightmare," said Tracy Meyer of Georgetown.

Meyer purchases a Mazda 6 from Auto Banc last month. She traded in a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee when she made the purchase. The pay-off amount on the Jeep was $8200. Auto Banc agreed to pay that amount to the lienholder holding the Jeep's title as part of the purchase agreement on the Mazda. But Meyer just got word that the Jeep has not been paid off.

"I'm stuck with two car payments [and] one car I don't even have," she said.

There is a sign in the Auto Banc driveway with a phone number customers can call for help. However, as of Friday evening, the mailbox associated with that number was full.

Customers who are having trouble getting their purchases through Auto Banc in order can contact the Kentucky Vehicle Commission.

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