New charges for mother accused of neglect

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Tricia kimbler is already charged with criminal abuse of her twin girls.
She was arrested last year after a doctors visit with the twins, who were premature newborns at the time.
She says they wouldn't gain weight; others saw it as abuse..
Kimbler stands by her innocence..
"There's absolutely no reason my children should've been ripped from me in the first place," Kimbler says.
She drives four hours from Indiana each week to see the twins who are currently in foster care..
"There are moments that i will never get back," she says.
Her trial is set to begin soon, but now she faces other charges..
Kimbler appeared in court Friday after being charged with flagrant non-support, for not paying more than $1,000 towards the care of her children.
"Two days after she was behind they got an indictment which is unusual for pulaski county," Robert Norfleet, Kimblers' attorney says, "I know numerous people behind $4-$5,000 who have not been indicted. I think it's just grand-standing."
Kimbler pled not-guilty to the non-support charge.
She remains in the Pulaski County Jail, she says losing more precious time.
"People can say what they want about me," Kimbler says, "but the kids are the ones who are paying the price by not having their mom."

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