Store Owner Catches Alleged Thief

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"The camera showed very clear who it was. You could see a face," said Wayne Karczewski, the store owner.

Thursday night the cameras at the Sharpsburg Super Market captured video of this man walking to the back of the store. Karczewski's office is just out of range of the camera and that's where he was headed.

"It was my change drawer, all the money was gone," Karczewski said.

When Karczewski noticed the missing money he called police and they went to work on trying to identify the man from surveillance video.

"This guy came in and I was just taken aback that someone would return that quickly, Karczewski said.

The same man returned the very next morning and headed straight for Karczewski's office again.

"I immediately grabbed my gun pulled it out of the holster, Karczewski said."

Karczewski confronted the man about the missing money and called 911 all the while keeping his gun out and ready if the man should try to get away.

"It's my stuff. They violated my place. They violated my family. They violated the people who work for me."

When police arrived and interviewed the man he admitted taking the money and told Karczewski he was sorry. While Karczewski says he doesn't hold any animosity against the thief, he says he'll never let someone take advantage of him again.

"You may get me once, but you're not gonna get me a second time," Karczewski said.

Karczewski just bought the Sharpsburg Super Market in
January. That's also when he bought the gun. He says he has never had a gun before, but he's glad he had one when he needed it most.