Thieves target Lincoln County church

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Lincoln County authorities are looking for a thief who broke into a small church sometime overnight.

Deputy Chad Smith says thieves broke into Jacob's Chapel in Turnersville by kicking in a door and then stealing $2500 worth of equipment used to run the church's public announcing (PA) system.

Smith says at this time he has no leads in the case but is hoping someone comes forward with information that might lead to the arrest of a suspect.

Meantime, the pastor of the church, Reverend Ralph Johnson tells NEWSFIRST that whoever broke in "ought to be coming in and getting saved."

Johnson says the church has insurance but it will take some time to replace the equipment and make needed repairs to the building.

"I'm not upset," he said, "the Lord will take care of everything."

The dollar amount of the items stolen makes this crime a felony. Anyone with any information on the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 877-970-2020.

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