GOP regroups in pivotal Ohio

CINCINNATI (AP) - President Barack Obama will find that it's not
only the summer weather that cooled down in Ohio this year.
The president planned to attend a Labor Day gathering Monday
with his approval rates down along with those of the state's
Democratic governor. Meanwhile, state Republicans who were on the
run after the election have regrouped.
Obama carried the important swing state last November while
Democrats were again dominating across the state.
"The state economy is still very weak," said Herb Weisberg, an
Ohio State University political scientist. "I think more people
are getting more concerned about the state policies and the federal
Former congressman Ted Strickland, who in 2006 handily won
election as Ohio's first Democratic governor in 16 years, has seen
his approval ratings tumble with voters restless about the economy
and state budget.
Quinnipiac University reported in July that its polling showed
that some 46 percent approved of the job he was doing, compared to
57 percent a month earlier. Polling indicated Obama's approval
rating in the state had fallen below 50 percent.

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