Woman found beaten to death in home

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Police tape still surrounds the perimeter of a McCreary County home as police investigate what they're calling a murder investigation.

"I had a feeling, and I couldn't let it go," says Renee Stephens.

Stephens says it was that feeling that prompted her to head to her mother's home on Marion Ross Road Saturday evening, when she found her 61-year old mother, Patricia Stephens, beaten to death.

Kentucky State Police are still piecing together exactly what may have happened, but Stephens says she has some ideas.

"I think they were trying to find something to steal, and she caught them, and they just rushed in on her," says Stephens. "They didn't expect her to put up the fight she did."

Stephens says her mother's car and a tin full of change were missing from the home. Though Patricia Stephens' car was later found, but there are no suspects in custody at this time. Renee Stephens believes that will soon change, and she's asking anyone with information to help make that happen.

An autopsy is being conducted. Results are expected early this week.

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