Woman plans pizza lunch option during Obama's speech

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She's calling it a "Parental Approved Skip Day." Lexington resident Mica Sims is organizing a pizza lunch at Gattitown which will take place at the same time President Obama is slated to speak to school children across the country.

The President's speech has drawn opposition from parents across the country who feel he is trying to indoctrinate his ideas into the minds of young people. When Mr. Obama first announced his speaking plans, he asked school children to think about ways they could help the President. He has since suggested that children think about how they can achieve their short and long term educational goals.

Sims says she doesn't have a problem with children listening to the President's speech but would prefer it happen in the presence of their parents so that they can discuss what he talks about. She feels it would have been more appropriate for the President to speak during a primetime television hour.

President Obama's speech is available online at www.whitehouse.gov.

Six states have opted not to show the speech.

The pizza lunch that Sims is organizing is taking place at Gattitown at noon on Tuesday.

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