Another former UK player cited in bogus ticket scam

Derrick Miller
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Lexington Police have cited another former UK player in connection with the fraudulent sale of basketball season tickets.

Derrick G. Miller is charged with one count of Theft by Deception.

Police say Miller accepted payment in advance for the tickets when the tickets weren't actually available to him to sell.

Lexington Police are continuing to investigate.

Police arrested former UK basketball star Ed Davender last week for selling season tickets that he did not have. He's charged with three counts of theft but police say more charges are possible as more alleged victims have come forward.

Greg D'Angelo says he bought $6000 worth of tickets from Davender. He says Davender assured him that he had a reputation to maintain. We're told Davender even dropped D'Angelo's name to other potential buyers.

D'Anglelo says Davender promised tickets by mid-October. D'Angelo believes some may still get some tickets.

Davender appears in court Wednesday morning.

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