27 NEWSFIRST Investigation: Off-Duty officer leads police on high speed chase

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Is it a double standard?

An off-duty police officer speeds by, and then leads fellow officers on a chase.

27 NEWSFIRST has the tape of the chase, and asks why the officer wasn't arrested, didn't get a ticket or wasn't suspended.

In May, Officer Scott Conrad had just finished his shift with the Georgetown Police Department, and was heading home in his personal vehicle.

An on-duty police officer soon clocked Conrad going 71 miles per hour, in a 45 mile per hour zone, then tries to pull him over.

But the on-duty police officer didn't realize the man he is chasing is actually Conrad.

Other officers join in on the chase.

Internal documents say Conrad didn't stop his car for nearly 2 miles.

Fellow officers then approached Conrad's car, with guns drawn, then see his uniform and realize who they had been chasing.

Officer Conrad was not given a ticket that night, nor was he arrested. He was then allowed to go home.

Within a month, Georgetown Police Chief Greg Reeves recommended a 3 day suspension for Conrad. City officials agreed, including Georgetown Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames.

But Conrad appealed the suspension, saying it was too harsh.

Tingle-Sames then changed her decision, agreeing with Conrad. 27 NEWSFIRST uncovered Tingle-Sames and Conrad became friends on Facebook during the appeal process and just two days before Tingle-Sames reversed her decision, she commented on Conrad's page, "Enjoy your vacation."

When confronted about why Conrad did not recieve any discipline for his actions, Tingle-Sames said she could not comment because it was a personnel matter.

Officer Conrad said he regretted his actions the night of May 5th and said he did not feel he was above the law. When asked why he did not at least get a ticket, he said it was officer discretion, then shrugged his shoulders. Conrad even asked why he was treated differently than "joe citizen."

Officer Conrad will soon begin a new job at a central Kentucky sheriff's department. He only recieved a written reprimand and Mayor Tingle-Sames says the internal investigation is complete.

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