Animal Activists Call For Tougher Laws

Four laws have been filed so far as people say Kentucky should have better humane laws. Right now, the state ranks 47th in the nation.

People came to the Capital Rotunda to share stories. Such as that of a
Lexington puppy shot with a bow and arrow, or the mutilation of 7-week-old puppy by poking its eyes out.

Some were left for dead, such as the Henderson County puppy found hog-tied in the middle of the road. A passer-by saved it.

Winnie Pooh has a sad story of her own. Her owner says the little dog endured much of her abuse at a Bullitt County puppy mill.

"She was mauled, she was infested with fleas, internal parasites, seizures, collapse of a trachea, says Winnie Pooh's Owner Kim Keating.

Now, Kim Keating and others say Kentucky's laws don't go far enough. If someone is arrested for torturing an animal, the charge is only a misdemeanor. You have to do it a second time to face a felony.

"To abuse an animal and be charged with a misdemeanor is pathetic," says Keating.

And, some lawmakers say they need to punish animal attackers sooner than later. Many serial killers didn't just hurt people.

"About 85 percent of those individuals have admitted to abusing animals in their childhood," says Senator Tom Buford.