Man loses home just months after wife's death

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A Central Kentucky man who suspected his home might not be safe to sleep in turned out to be right.

That home on Owenton Road near the Scott County community of Stamping Ground was destroyed by fire early Wednesdaty morning.

Firefighters responded to the call about 5:30, but it was too late to save much of anything inside the home.

Scott County Fire Chief Van Taylor tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "When we arrived, it was already fully involved, an older home built in the 1930's. It went up pretty quick."

Robert Foley, who lived in the house for 31 years, had been sleeping at his daughter's place next door because of recent problems in the home he rented. Foley explains, "For the past 6 months, it seemed like it had electrical problems. Lights would come on and go off. About the only thing I can figure is maybe the wiring went bad. I was down there asleep and somebody came knocking at the door and said, your house is one fire."

Mr. Foley's wife of 42 years died just 4 months ago. He fought back tears as he told us, "Aint enough to lose my wife. Now I have to lose everything I own. All my kids was raised here. Pictures and things is what you can't replace. Some things in their money can't buy."

Still he knows he could have lost his life if he had been sleeping in his own home when the fire broke out. "Thank God I wasn't because I'm hard to wake up."

At last check, the fire department had not ruled on an exact cause of the fire.

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