Police: Intruder Watches Women Sleep

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The Lincoln County Sheriff is alerting people to lock their doors and windows. Creepy is one way to describe these events but to the women who have come face to face with the man standing by their bedside, it's a nightmare.

One victim said, "I haven't been able to sleep."

Stacey Davis understands why there's extra police patrols in her Stanford neighborhood. Her sister was a victim by this suspect. She said the man was leaning over her sister breathing really hard looking back and forth.

There's been three cases, two this week alone, where women woke up in the middle of the night to find a mysterious man in their bedrooms. The most recent incident was Wednesday morning, right around the corner from Stacy's house on Cannonade Drive.

In the three cases the man entered the homes through the door and windows that were left unlocked. Now police are asking everyone to simply lock up.

Police say in all the cases the man has not touched the women. But the intruder did make a sexual advance to the first woman. That first victim fought back by kicking him and that's when he ran away.

Police say the community needs to keep their eyes open for anything unusual. At this time, police don't have good description of the man because he runs off just as the women wake up.