Truck fire at gas pumps caught on video

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A man stops at a Chevron station on Russell Cave Road to fill up, but within seconds his car ignites, and then he's seen running for his life.

"As I was bringing my product in, I saw him fall and I see fire," says Dale Jennings, the Pepsi delivery man at the Chevron station. "Fire is coming out right in front of the engine, and the first thing I said to the clerk was hit the emergency pump."

The clerk, Felix Torres, says he complied.

"They showed us what to do in case of a fire, so I had to do my job, or we would have been barbequed, and I didn't want that to happen," says Torres.

Several units from the Lexington Fire Department arrived on scene around 8:00 Thursday morning and say quick thinking by the witness and the clerk made the difference.

"The employees did exactly what they should have done," says Major Ed Davis.

Witnesses say it was difficult for the driver to accept the situation, repeatedly running back to the fiery truck.

Fire officials say fortunately no one was injured. The fire department has ruled this accidental and says it was started from mechanical failure under the hood.

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