Parents may sue over football players being baptized

The church was filled to capacity that night, with people at times standing in the aisles. They were there to see evangelist Ronnie Hill, who gave a motivational sermon.

The crowd included 20 football players from Breckinridge County High School near Hardinsburg. Their coach, Scott Mooney, told them they were going to a have a steak dinner at the church and hear a motivational speaker.

After listening to Hill, there was a call to the altar. In all, 47-people were baptized, including nine football players. Video of the baptisms shows Hill saying, "you know what the bottom line is with baptism? It's obedience, that's the bottom line, it's that simple.... is Robert Coffey... Robert have you trusted Jesus Christ you lord and savior.... yes! It is my great pleasure to baptize you."

Coffey's parents and others say the school had no right to take their children to an after school service, to another county without their permission and they certainly didn't approve of the baptisms. Hill says: "this is a place where people have a relationship with God, no one manipulated anyone, we give opportunity for boys and and women to make decisions on that night. We had 47-people, who made a decision to be baptized."

The coach who brought the players to the church isn't talking and the school superintendent who was also in attendance at the church says things seem to be settling down now. A TV station in Louisville reports some of the parents may sue.

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