Police: Three teens skip school to burglarize homes

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Three teens were arrested after skipping school in Berea and burglarizing and vandalizing at least eight homes.

Berea Police say three 16-year-olds have been arrested for vandalizing the city park concession stand, as well as at least eight homes.

Captain Ken Clark says on Tuesday night, several people vandalized the city park concession stand. A photo from a surveillance camera showed a distinct jacket one person was wearing.

He says the following day a home alarm went off on Meadowlark Drive. An officer on the way to the home noticed three teens walking nearby. One was wearing the same jacket seen in the surveillance photo.

Captain Clark says the two boys and a girl confessed to the vandalism, as well as skipping school and breaking into at least eight homes along Meadowlark Drive and Baugh Street. They found a number of stolen items in the backpacks the teens were carrying, including laptops, digital cameras, flash drives, jewelry, and money.

The three teens have been charged with 8 counts of Burglary 2nd degree, and one county of Burglary 3rd degree. They are lodged in the Fayette County Juvenile Detention Center.

Berea Police say there is up to $20,000 worth of damage to homes and the concession stands.

Ruby Spears is one homeowner on Baugh Street that was hit. Mirrors, cabinets, and a glass case was broken in her home. Knives were placed in her walls, and a light switch was glued upward. Her thermostat was also ripped out. Spears says what upset her most however were the items taken. Among those was a pocketknife that belonged to her late husband, and a necklace from him that she says she wears everyday.

Berea Police are asking other homeowners who have been burglarized to come forward. They are working on returning the stolen items back to the rightful owners.

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