Former Pastor Charged With Rape, Blames Devil

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"Me being a christian, I know how the Devil works," says Jody Lusk, "he attacks your weaknesses, he knows where he can get you."
For 11 years, Jody Lusk preached the word of god - most recently at the Auburn Church of Christ in Logan County.
Now he's behind bars.
"Looking back, I think, 'how in the world could I have done the things that got me here?'" says Lusk.
He says what got him there, was a sexual relationship with a 13 year-old girl.
"It didn't begin as any sort of sexual relationship," Lusk says,"We were friends where we talked a lot and texted a lot. I just kind of lost sight of how old she was."
On saturday, Lusk allegedly faked a disappearance at Briggs Lake. He says he then took the girl - who he'd been seeing for months - to a campground in Illinois.
That's where he says consensual rape took place.
He was arrested the next day.
"I don't intend to fight the charge," Lusk says.
The former pastor, who is married with 3 children, says he believes God has forgiven him.
"Absolutely, he promises in his word, if we'll confess he'll cleanse us from all unrighteousness," Lusk says.
Lusk is charged with rape and unlawful transaction with a minor. His arraignment was Thursday. He remains behind bars.

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