Court documents detail violent end to relationship

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29 Year old Amanda Ross filed a protective order back in February. But says she was abused by her former finance Stephen Nunn many times before that.

In Amanda Ross' own handwriting, written on a domestic violence petition, she points to one date, February 18th, when she says Stephen Nunn was at her house watching a UK basketball game.

A police report would help fill in the blanks of what she says happened next.

Ross told police they were arguing when he took it to the next level hitting Ross four times in the face leaving red marks and bruising.

Those allegations would eventually lead to criminal charges of assault and criminal mischief.

The 56 year old would never be arrested, however just ordered to appear in court. When he did appear, Nunn admitted to hitting the 29 year old Ross, causing multiple injuries.

The same court documents that outline alleged violent past also talks about when the couple lived together for about 6 months, even got engaged in October of 2008, and received mail addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nunn."

But the domestic violence complaints outlined in a stack of court documents far outweigh any mention of a civil relationship.

With the criminal charges still looming on the horizon the body of Ross was found outside her apartment, the same apartment where the allegations of abuse were first reported.

Nunn was scheduled to appear in court this November to answer to charges outlined in the protective order.

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