Scary school bus ride for students

Stanton police have arrested 41 year-old Jesse Patrick Jr. after what was a scary ride for the Powell County High School Cross Country team.
Authorities say the team was headed to a meet in Owsley County Saturday, when the driver hit a guardrail.
They say he complained of being tired, then on the way back, allegedly began swerving all over the road.
The coach called police, and authorities were waiting for him when the bus arrived back at the high school.
According to the police report, Patrick admitted to taking a pain killer before the trip.
It states he also failed field sobriety tests.
Patrick was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence, and 15 counts of Wanton Endangerment for everyone that was on the bus.
"It probably makes me more sad than angry," one parent says.
An upset parent spoke with 27 newsfirst about what happened while his son was on the bus, but didn't want his face shown or to be identified because he's also a school employee.
"Our school's system of transportation in my point of view is not doing what they should to keep our children safe," he says.
The employee says Patrick had already been involved in a minor bus accident this school year.
Superintendent Evelyn Neely says she's aware of a few minor accidents involving school buses so far this year, but doesn't know if Patrick was one of the drivers involved.
Neely says bus drivers are subjected to random drug testing, and after most accidents a drug test is mandatory. She says at this point she does not know whether or not Patrick has been previously drug-tested.
Patricks' employment status will be decided Monday.
"Judging by what I've been told, I think this is pretty cut and dry," Neely says, "you don't take chances with children's lives when you are a bus driver."
Patrick is being held at the Powell County Jail.

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