"Random Act Of Stupidity"

People living along Twilight Avenue in Jessamine County woke up to find their cars and homes spray painted with profanities Sunday morning.

As one resident tells us, "we go to church and sing gospel music."

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but for the victims of a vandal it was more like a day of stress.

"I don't appreciate anybody walking up and down the street spraying paint on our vehicles."

It seems almost all the residents who live on Twilight Avenue had something sprayed on their homes or cars. Kenneth Hall noticed it on his car on his way to work as a part time police officer.

"My Nicholasville cruiser was spray painted orange on the door and back by the gas tank it was painted red," said Kenneth Hall.

The vandals also hit the mailboxes in this usually quiet neighborhood.
Hall says he doesn't know who is responsible because the culprit targeted more than 20 vehicles.

"At first I thought I was being singled out because I'm an officer, but now I think it's a random act of stupidity."

If you have spray paint on your car experts recommend using paint thinner, rubbing alcohol or W.D. 40 to get it off.

Do You Have Any Tips for Removing this Spray Paint?

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