Violent crime down in Lexington, UK while up statewide

For the second year in a row, violent crime in the nation is down. But according to the FBI's new crime report that's not case in Kentucky.

Violent crimes, which include murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults, increased slightly statewide to 12,464 reported incidents.

In Kentucky's two biggest cities, the results were mixed. Slightly fewer people were victims of violent crime in Lexington where there were 1,780 reported incidents in 2008 compared to 1,790 in 2007. Violent crimes were up in Louisville.

On the University of Kentucky campus, violent crime was also down.

“If you look historically across the country you will see a lot of these crimes go down," said UK Interim Police Chief Joe Monroe. "One of the main reasons for that is since Virginia Tech and a lot of these school shootings the residents at the universities have been more vigilant and all these safety precautions"

That vigilance seems to be paying off. FBI statistics reveal property, as well as violent crimes, decreased in 2008 at UK compared to 2007.

UK was also the only major public university in central and eastern Kentucky to show decreases in both categories. At Eastern Kentucky University, violent crimes were down while property crimes were up. Violent crimes were unchanged at Morehead State University but property crimes rose.

At Kentucky State University, the number of reported violent and property crimes increased.

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