Help Find Deadbeat Parents

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There are thousands of parents who are behind in their child support payments to the level of it being a felony. Kentucky is being called successful in getting parents to pay up.

But it's not 100% and that means there are way too many people out there breaking the law.

But that means of the over 320,000 cases in the states system there are still nearly half who who aren't in compliance.

For example, people like Normal Bussell from Fayette County, and James Rose from Clark County.

In Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson says he's especially offended by these people.

Larson said, "for these men and in this case women who think they can be so cavalier as to bring a child into the world and not take care of them financially really offends me."

And Ray Larson thinks you should be upset too.

"When they don't pay child support, someone does and guess who it is, the taxpayer."

There are penalties for people like Alberto Cerelli from Fayette County, and Ricky Dale Day from Jessamine.

Those wanted can also face jail time of between 1 and 5 years depending on the case.

"We average sentencing per week about 3 cases and average payment is around $15,000," said Larson.

This is your chance to help police find these deadbeat parents.
If you know where any of these people are, let us know. You can call our tip line at 1-800-500-1513 and tell crime stoppers what you know.

You may be eligible to win an award if your tip leads to an arrest.