Gas Prices Jump

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Prices surged nearly 30 cents at some stations but if you are willing to drive around you can still find some cheaper options.

Most people we talked to said they can understand some fluctuation in the price of gas, but not an increase of 30 cents a gallon or more from one day to the next.

When the Thornton's on Winchester Road at I-75 lowered their price to $2.05 Monday morning, the Speedway right across the street raised their price to $2.39.

The Shell Station within shouting distance also went to $2.39 for a gallon of unleaded.

One driver we spoke to said, "I used to get gas there (Speedway) all the time. Not today, I'm getting it here."

The timing of these increases also makes people a little suspicious.

Another driver said, "every week it seems to go up right on Monday so they're getting us for going to work."

Gas is considerably more expensive in many other countries, but more and more folks here seem to be reaching the conclusion that the common man is being ripped off by someone higher up.

Another driver said, "The big people have got the power. The little people just got to go with what we can get. You either pay it or walk. Oil prices are not moving that much up and down. Someone is pocketing all the money."