Hazardous materials unit called to federal prison in Manchester

Prison officials say the incident started Wednesday morning in the mailroom, when a letter sent to an inmate was opened, and an unknown substance wsa found…and a hazmat crew was called.

The crew, based in Somerset, was called after prison officials say the substance was discovered when letters to inmates were being checked.

“One of the family members had sent a letter to one of the inmates..there were several letters in the package,” said Tiger Robinson of HazMat Area 12.

And something else was in that package as well…that at first was cause for alarm.

“When they opened it up, to check on it, some substance dropped out of it,” Robinson said.

It was described as a “white powdery substance.” Immediately prison officials say several rooms were contained.

“The prison did a great job, followed every procedure and so forth, had a great plan in action,” said Robinson.

Several hours after the Hazmat crews arrived, the substance was ruled to be non-lethal..yet they say they still don’t know what it was.

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