Bed bugs infest Scott County townhomes

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Some Scott County residents say they are outraged that their townhomes have become infested with bed bugs. Now they're pleading with officials to help stop the problem.

For nearly a week, Felicia Johnson has been living with bed bugs at her Northern Heights townhome, housing which is provided by the Georgetown Housing Authority.

"I just can't take it. We asked them to take care of the problem last week and they said wait until Thursday", Johnson said today.

Johnson says she's reported the problem numerous times to the Housing Authority, but the attempt has been unsuccessful.

"There's no help at all", Johnson says.

Another resident, who wouldn't go on camera, says she's been living with the problem for months.

"My little boy had been breaking out with what looked like chicken pox. They just figured out last month when they did a biopsy that it was bug bites", the resident says.

Although this resident says her apartment has been sprayed several times, she says the problem continues to get worse.

"The spray doesn't seem to be doing anything", she says.

When calling the Housing Authority, an employee would only say they are taking care of the situation, and would not elaborate on what they are doing. 27 NewsFirst left numerous messages about the issue to learn more details, but did not receive any calls back.

The Health Department says exterminators will visit the townhomes on Thursday, who will continue to treat the problem.

Residents say they're just hoping someone will finally put an end to the bed bugs they've been dealing with.

"Get us out of the apartments or move us to new apartments and if they can't do that, move us somewhere while they spray the apartments where they can get rid of them completely", says one resident whose home is infested with bed bugs.

27 NewsFirst is told the Housing Authority plans to hold a regularly scheduled meeting Thursday evening at 5:30 in Scott County, where this issue is expected to be discusses.

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