Lack Of Trees Angers Residents At Apartment Complex

Many trees around Lexington were damaged or destroyed by the ice storm of 2003. Now the removal of many trees around a Lexington landmark has angered some people who live there.

The Greenhouse, high on a hill overlooking Tates Creek Road, won't be nearly as green come springtime this year. But the complex will no longer have to live up to it's name.

New owners have cut down more than 60 trees around what used to be The Greenhouse and renamed it Saddlebrook at Tates Creek.

Some residents are not happy about it.

"It really bothers me because I moved here because I liked all the trees," said one resident. "I'm from a rural community back home and I'm up here going to school, and we liked all the trees cause it reminded us of home."

Sam Foster, Regional Manager for Kentucky Properties, told us by phone some trees and shrubs had to be removed so work crews could get close enough to buildings to begin a one million dollar renovation and landscaping project. He said trees further from the buildings were strategically cut down to improve visibility of the property from Tates Creek Road.

New ownership told us all the stumps will be removed and new plantings brought in. They invited us to come back in 6 months to see a more beautiful but still secluded and private apartment community.