Horse Rescue Forced To Move

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Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital recently became owners of 26 acres in Stamping Ground.

For the past three years, Gary Hurd has operated a horse rescue and adoption farm on the land. Many of the horses need surgery and are brought to the rescue service because their owners don't want them.
Hurd nurses them back to health.

Last week, he got a letter from the hospital telling him he and the 42 horses had 30-days to move.

"The concern is that I have to find a place to take the horses and place with enough land," says Hurd. "I don't get any help from nobody I just love animals," Hurd said.

Cardinal Hill did release this statement saying..

"The original owner willed the property to Cardinal Hill. The intent is to sell the property to provide funds for services for children and adults with catastrophic conditions.

The horse rescue program was already in operation when the property was willed to Cardinal Hill. The current occupant was given a month to vacant. The property in its current condition is not suitable for the number of horses currently there."

Hurd says 30 days just isn't long enough. If you'd like to help Gary Hurd you can call Horse Rescue and Adoption at 859-259-9231 or 859-421-4420.

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