Big Blue fans search for UK game on TV

If you can't make it out to the game-- you can watch it on ESPN U.

Many people don't have that channel, and that's why Insight and Frankfort's cable providers have said they'll offer it for free today.
If you have Insight cable you can see the game on ESPN U without a subscription, on channel 6 and 514, if you have a high def box you can see it on channel 922. ESPN has a contract with the SEC that allows them rights to games of their choosing. They can air the game on any of their family of channels and hold exclusive broadcast rights.

Of course, you'll get all the highlights and complete fan and game coverage on NEWSFIRST.
You can watch 27 NEWSFIRST at 6 on the CWKYT...
That's cable channel 5 on Insight..
Time Warner - channel 99,
New Wave - channel 17,
Frankfort Cable -- channel 13,
and on Direct tv -- channel 14.

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