Rape Suspect Appears In Court

21 year old Michael Strong appeared in court Thursday for a hearing to see if his case will head to the grand jury.

Court documents say Strong sexually assaulted a 17-year old while she was passed out in her sister's dorm room on UK campus.

Police say the 17-year old high school student was visiting her older sister and was staying with her at Blanding Tower the night of the assault.

In court the sister's roommate described everything she saw and heard.

Strong sat silently as the witness spoke during the hearing and never said a word.

Officer Robert Pearson testified that according to the victim's report, Strong had picked up the victim, along with her sister and two other girls who lived in the dorm, and took them to his State Street home.

Police say that's where they all drank shots of vodka before heading to an 18-and-over club called Blue Line.

Strong's attorney pointed out the 17-year-old victim was intoxicated and used a fake ID to get in.

Strong's lawyer says the 17-year-old victim asked both Strong and another man for sex while inside the Blue Line Diner.

Yet, according to the sister's room mate, she says she never heard the victim make such requests.

After taking a cab back to Blanding Tower court documents show Strong joined the victim, her sister and the roommate inside their dorm room.

The witness says after the victim passed out Strong crawled into bed with her and had sex with her.

Her older sister woke up and started screaming and that's when Strong left.

Strong's lawyer says the victim consented to having sex.

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