Teen thrown from bed of truck; killed in crash

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A horrific crash takes the life of a Kentucky teenager after he's thrown from the bed of a truck.

"Daniel was really quiet, really nice and polite", says Kendra Delver, a friend of Beatyville resident Daniel McIntosh.

For those that knew 19-year-old Daniel McIntosh, they say it has been a hard weekend.

"It's just a big shock", says Delver.

According to State Police, McIntosh was one of six other passengers riding in a truck with 20-year-old Josh Hacker, the driver.

A little after 4:30 Saturday afternoon in Lee County, KSP says the truck hit an embankment on White Ash Road in Beatyville and overturned.

"I come around the curb and there was a Dodge truck turned over on it's side and ambulance and stuff all over here", says Danny Durbin, who drove up on the scene.

Five people riding in the bed of the truck were thrown. 19-year-old Daniel McIntosh, we're told the cousin of the driver, died on the scene.

Those that knew the young man are still in disbelief by the accident that not only injured six people, but took the life of one of their friends.

"It's shocking to find out this happened to the person you least expected it to", says Kendra Delver.

As for the driver, 20-year-old Josh Hacker, KSP says he sustained a minor injury to his left elbow and was treated on the scene. The other passengers were also treated at the scene for minor injuries.

Police are still investigating the collision.

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