5K will help raise money for missing Marion Co. woman's reward fund

LEBANON, Ky. (WKYT) - They’re busy getting ready for a big race with proceeds helping some worthy causes.

Sheila Tingle says proceeds from her ‘Team Kara' will add to the reward for information regarding the whereabouts of her daughter, Kara, who disappeared almost three years ago.

“It was up to $11,000. We are at $10,500,” said Tingle.

Tingle and her grandson, Kara’s son, Austin, will run with Team Kara. They’ll be joined by at least 28 others in the Saturday morning run.

“We keep trying to get to that magic number. And hoping someone will come forward. I think one day it will happen,” Tingle said.

Kentucky State police have been actively investigating the case for three years. They say all they know is that Kara is missing. And they want to find out why.

Since her disappearance, Kara’s estranged husband has been in and out of jail on unrelated charges. He’s currently charged with the murder of Wendell Gleason Pyles in Casey County in October of last year. The Rigdon family property was searched by police in September of 2010. Little else has happened to give police clues as to where Kara is.

“You keep thinking that there’s one little piece out there and it will put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle,” Tingle said.

Tingle did find hope this week when three women missing for ten years were found alive in Ohio.

“I cried. I was happy. They found some closure. The good king of closure,” she said.

She hopes she’ll have that one day as well.

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