5th graders organize a "Mini Dance-Blue" marathon

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On Saturday, people of all ages joined together at one Lexington elementary school for a 4-hour long "dance-a-thon" to bring help and hope to people battling pediatric cancer.

Students, teachers and parents put their dancing shoes on and headed over to the Maxwell Elementary School on Saturday afternoon.

“Our assignment was to give back to people in society so this is what we did. We wanted to give back to kids in the hospital who can’t be up here,” one 5th grader at Maxwell Elementary said.

For four hours, participants rocked and rolled to raise awareness for a cause close to their hearts.

“The idea kind of came to us because we had both had relatives who had cancer or leukemia,” another 5th grader who helped organize the event said.

Five 5th graders were the ones who organized Saturday’s Mini "Dance-Blue" Marathon.

The students say they wanted the dance-a-thon to inspire, encourage and uplift everyone involved with Dance-Blue.

Participants say they hope one day pediatric cancer will be a thing of the past.

But for now they're working towards that---one dance move at a time.

The money raised by Saturday’s mini dance-a-thon will go toward the Golden Matrix fund of UK's Pediatric Oncology Clinic.

The official "Dance-Blue" event will take place on UK's campus will start next week.

The students are also accepting donations for “Jaret’s Joy Cart,” which is an organization that gives new, donated toys to kids who have cancer and in the hospital.

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