Six-year-old Danville boy hurt in trailer accident

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Jimmy Lee knew something was terribly wrong when some kids ran into his store Saturday afternoon. He ran out back and saw a small child near a trailer.

“He had a knot on his head as big as my fist. His eyes were swelling up,” said the clerk at the Marathon station just off Perryville Rd. in Danville.

Relatives say that Eric Tyree, 6, had been playing near the trailer when its lid came down and hit the boy in the head.

“The cop had a lot of trouble picking it up. It’s pretty heavy,” said Lee.

Lee says EMT’s arrived within minutes and soon Tyree was on his way to UK hospital in Lexington.

Eric is a kindergarten student at Toliver Elementary and it’s there where his friends and classmates were involved in activities Monday. They hope will be part of his healing process.

“Initially, he was on a ventilator. There were a lot of concerns. He is breathing on his own, swelling is not getting any worse,” said Twila Montgomery, an instructor at the school who’s been in communication with Eric’s family.

Students in Mrs. Butler’s class spent Monday afternoon writing get well cards and the staff is preparing to raise money to help the family.

“From what we understand he’s going to make a full recovery, not out of the woods, there is swelling and an infection, but he is showing signs of improvement,” said Montgomery.

Eric’s grandmother says he will likely spend two more weeks in ICU and currently can’t open his eyes but that he suffered no internal injuries.

The accident happened at Gethsemane Baptist Church. The minister there says the incident is under investigation and is not sure how the trailer lid came open. He says the trailer is currently used to store a tent used for special events and functions.

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