'60 Minutes' investigates disability fraud in the US

A US Senate hearing will take place Monday on an Eastern Kentucky lawyer accused of defrauding the government out of millions of dollars in bogus Social Security disability claims.

Floyd County Attorney Eric C. Conn made a short appearance in Sunday night's '60 Minutes' episode, but said he would only comment on the allegations, that he and a former disability judge defrauded the federal government out of millions of dollars, in a legal setting.

A Senate hearing is scheduled for Monday to look into those accusations as well as others from around the country.

In a lawsuit unsealed Tuesday in federal court in Pikeville, Eric C. Conn and former judge David Daugherty are accused of manipulating the systems for assigning appeals in disability claims to ensure Daugherty heard Conn's cases.

Conn serves people in West Virginia and Kentucky, the number one and number three states with the highest percentage of their population on disability.

In an interview with '60 Minutes' Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma says a report that will be released today will show Conn as having paid five doctors about $2 million to regularly sign off on trumped up medical forms, filled out in advance by his staff.

Click the link below to watch the full '60 Minutes' episode.

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