Teenager Gets Second Chance

A grand jury indicted 19-year old Donovan Brown Wednesday on a lesser charge of reckless homicide.

Thursday in court a judge agreed to bond, but with a catch!

The judge agreed to release Donovan Brown on $5,000 bond if he checks into a faith based monitoring program.

27 NEWSFIRST spoke to his lawyer about that decision, and to the minister who says he'll be in charge of Brown's rehab, and his soul.

Brown pleaded not guilty to reckless homicide for shooting his 18 year old cousin Darrien Bates back in December.

"In this case we've always contended from the beginning this is an accident," said Brown's attorney,

Today during Brown's video arraignment his lawyer Jerry Wright asked the judge to grant Brown bond, if he agreed to enter a special outreach program.

The judge agreed.

"The judge has set up a situation through Reverend Cooper's ministry program to have him monitored," said Wright.

Reverend Cooper says he's glad the judge is putting Brown in his care.
He says his program is proven to change the lives of men just like him.

"We help these men break this cycle of criminal activity," said Rev. Cooper.

Under Cooper's supervision Brown will be monitored 24 hours a day, he'll get counseling, life skills training; and something else, that cooper says is vital for the young man.

"He'll be able to get spiritual mentoring 5 days a week," Cooper said.

"Donovan is the type of individual that's gonna take a lot of one on one counseling to deal with letting go of the past and not feeling guilty. It was an accident."

While Brown likely has a long road and trial ahead of him, Cooper says he hopes to make the way a little bit smoother for him and his family.

Brown was originally facing murder charges in the death of Darrien Bates, but the grand jury lowered that charge to reckless homicide after hearing Brown testify that the killing was an accident.

Reverend Cooper tells us that his outreach program, The Source of Restoration, has an 85% success rate with young men like Donovan Brown.