Naked Man Dies

Louisville police release a cruiser video that captures a man being Tasered by police; hoping it would show their officers did nothing wrong.

This is the first time we see what happened the night a naked man was Tasered by Louisville police officers.

52-year old Larry Noles died before he got to the hospital, but a coroner later ruled he did not die because he was Tasered.

Now, the officers involved have been cleared.

It happened September 5th, three Louisville police officers arrived at the intersection of 7th and Algonquin.

From the dashboard camera inside one of the officer's car officers approach 52 year old Larry Noles.

After more failed attempts to get Noles out of the intersection, and after a car narrowly misses him, Officer Michael Campbell shocks him with his Taser.

Noles later died and now his family thinks police could have handled the situation better. They say it should have been obvious to officers that he had mental problems.

His family still feels that even though the medical examiner found that Noles died of excited delirium, not the shock from the Taser.

Noles' family says they plan to sue the city of Louisville and its police department.