Kentucky House Passes Student Financial Awareness Bill

When it comes to credit cards some college kids say they know to just say no.

“I would get myself into a lot of trouble with it,” said one UK student.

“ I just feel I would get myself into too much trouble. Very tempting to have a credit card; you just swipe it; pretty easy,” says UK Freshman Eric Martin of Lexington.

State representatives approved a bill today requiring colleges and institutions to help students with debt management.

“Students right now are taking on more debt in college. And it's impacting their lives after college. They're postponing marriage, postponing having children,” says Representative Jim Glenn, D-Owensboro, sponsor of the student financial awareness bill.

The bill requires freshmen to receive information and some counseling during their first week on campus. It would not require them to take additional financial literacy classes.

“I think that's a pretty good idea. I feel like most kids get a credit card too early,” says Martin.

“Sounds like they're kind of imposing on the parents. The parental responsibility,” counters UK student Andrew Sharp of Cumberland County.

But some students say they know to stay away from the plastic because they've seen the problems it has caused their friends.

“They just have to go borrow money from their parents. I want to be independent and not do that.”

“But I would like, I would take way too much advantage of it.” says UK Sophomore Jordan Ross.

The bill passed the House Friday morning with little opposition.