Massive warehouse fire possibly caused by clunker car

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Cleanup began today on the C&R Asphalt warehouse that caught fire around 5:00 on Tuesday.

The building, located at 1300 Cahill Drive, near the Forbes Road area quickly caught fire to the part of the storage facility being used by Baker Iron & Metal Company to store Cast for Clunker vehicles.

Exclusive video taken by 27 NEWSFIRST from the air moments after the fire broke out shows how intense it was.

Today crews were on the scene to sort through what's left and to clean up chemicals.

"To try to filtrate any of the contaminants out of the water that has drained off from the rain and the fire water", says Steve Coleman, President of C&R Asphalt.

The part of the facility that burned was being used by Baker Iron & Metal Company to store Cash for Clunkers vehicles that they were recycling for dealerships.

"The dealerships were required to lock up the engine prior to sending them to any certified recycler, which we're one of a few in the state of Kentucky, and most of the time they had fluids, so we've been draining them and doing everything environmentally correct", says Greg Dixon, the General Manager of Baker Iron & Metal Company.

It was while draining one, the fire started.

"It's my understanding that there was a plastic gas tank that they were unable to gouge with our non-sparking tools. They tried to use another apparatus to puncture a hole in the tank and that's what started it", says Greg Dixon.

A fire that burned part of the warehouse and a little more than a dozen cars. Greg Dixon says, now with no storage facility it's likely they company will no longer recycle the clunker cars for dealerships. They do plan to work with dealerships to help them find another recycling facility to help them.

Employees say they're lucky the fire wasn't worse.

"Thankfully we had a firewall and that stopped the spread of the fire and the fire department did a great job. It could have been alot worse", says Steve Coleman.

We're told one employee was in that part of the warehouse when it caught fire, but made it out safely.

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