Two Bombs Found In Frankfort Backyards

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"I just thought they had dropped it because we find papers and trash along here sometimes," said Lois Dawson.

When Lois Dawson found a soda bottle in her backyard she picked it up and walked it toward her garbage can. She set it on the back porch when she heard the phone ringing inside.

"About two minutes later I heard a tremendous explosion," Dawson said.

Dawson had picked up an explosive device and Frankfort Police say this wasn't the only one.

"Twice in the past three days, we've received reports of these devices in a residential area of South Frankfort," said Major Fred Deaton.

The other incident happened on West Todd Street, caddy corner to Dawson's property.

In both cases the bombs were found in Mountain Dew bottles similar to this one. Two reactive agents and aluminum foil are put inside to cause the explosion. Just a little shaking can set it off.

"When I think if I'd had that in my hand the little pieces of Reynold's Wrap could have damaged my eye. Maybe my hearing," Dawson said.

Police say if you find a bottle in your yard stay away from it and call them immediately.