Driver Turns Herself In For Accident That Killed Friend

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"I wouldn't have never done anything to hurt that girl," said Carole Foley.

Foley is still reliving the nightmare that happened last Thanksgiving. While traveling with her best friend, Brandy Ison, they were in an accident. Foley survived, Ison did not.

"I wouldn't have hurt that baby or her or nobody," Foley said.

Ison was pregnant and her unborn son was also killed. Yesterday an indictment charging Foley with second degree manslaughter and third degree fetal homicide was handed down because she was intoxicated while she was driving. This morning Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputies went to bring her in, but instead Foley turned herself in.

"Ms. Foley was not home. Her parents let us search the residence. We were not able to find her at the home. Made a bargain with her mother to bring her into us today so we could serve the warrant on her," said Deputy Chad Smith, with Lincoln County Sheriff's Department.

"Carole said I just need to go on in. There's no need for them to go looking for me. I just need to go on in," said her friend, Vanessa Embry.

Police say it's rare for a person to turn themselves in when they are facing jail time, but in this case it showed tremendous character.

"This just shows me this young lady is wanting to get things over with, as they say, pay the piper. She's ready to face up to the responsibilities," Smith said.

Foley says her punishment will never compare to the pain she feels knowing Ison is gone.

"I miss her like hell. I can't do anything to bring her back," said Foley.