Minimum Wage Hot Topic Across Nation

It's a hot topic across the nation right now, minimum wage. In Kentucky, an increase to $7.25 an hour is one step closer to passing. A bill passed through the state house just last week and is now onto the senate.

Denzil Young runs a car wash and says he would love to pay his employees higher wages.

"Well I'm all for everybody making every dime they can, but right now in our business we're just building it," Young said.

He says as a small business owner, raising the minimum wage may have a negative effect on his business.

"This is a touch and go situation. With cars, you don't know what kind of day your gonna have and all that," Young said.

Many people in Eastern Kentucky think the current minimum wage at $5.15 and hour is just not enough.

"I'd like to see it go up to at least $7.25 and hour. It'd help out a lot," said Michelle White.

"It's real hard to buy groceries, food, you pay your regular bills. It's real hard," said Jeff Middleton.

"I'm pretty sure it will help the economy and it's gonna help a lot of people, put a lot of food on a lot of people's table and people will have a better way of life," said Hobert Gwin.

"I think of course if the wages goes up, people will be able to afford more things and it will be great for our economy that way," said Reda Caudill.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell says on the national level, both the house and senate are working on bills of their own and thinks an increase will pass this year.

"The senate insisted on having some tax breaks for small businesses so people who pay the minimum wage can better afford to pay it," McConnell said.

But in the meantime, Kentucky's minimum wage bill moves onto the senate for a vote.

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