Schools trying to remain germ free as flu spreads

A Kentucky school is forced to close it's doors because of the flu.

Today, school administrators were working overtime to disinfect a Rockcastle County elementary school, after calling off classes because of low attendance.

Now other schools are wondering what steps they can take, to remain germ free.

Miranda Combs takes a look at what procedures worked for one district.

It was 40 Thursday, 56 Friday, by yesterday, 80.

That's when they decided to close and clean.

Teachers and staff are working at Roundstone Elementary today in Rockcastle county, not teaching students as usual, but instead trying to protect them from the flu, by disinfecting the entire building while the students are home trying to get well.

The same thing happened at Junction City Elementary last month.

The school had to shut down because too many kids were sick.

The state department of education releasing some suggestions today for schools dealing with sickness, pointing out how Junction City handled the spread, by bringing in extra health professionals, having masks on hand for students with flu-like symptoms, telling pregnant teachers to stay home until the threat passed, and having bus drivers keep their windows open.

They also did exactly what's going on at Roundstone Elementary today, a heavy scrub down, hoping to get attendance back up.

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