Judge Orders Mental Evaluation For Murder Suspect

A new wrinkle in the case of a Montgomery County man accused of killing his step daughter and setting their house on fire with her body inside.

Michael Neace will now undergo a mental evaluation to determine if he's capable of standing trial.

Accused murderer Michael Neace was brought to Mt. Sterling from his cell at La Grange, but he never made it into the courtroom Monday.

The judge granted the latest defense motion putting everything else in the case on the back-burner for now.

In the investigation following the December fire Neace's step-daughter, 16 year old Christina Woods, was found to have been raped and stabbed prior to burning.

While her mother sat quietly in the courtroom today, Emma Neace has quite a bit to say when her husband was indicted for the murder of her daughter.

It's not clear how long the competency evaluation will take or when testimony will begin, but for now Michael Neace is back in La Grange and the case is on hold.

Neace is currently serving a two year sentence for violating the conditions of his release on fraud charges not related to the current case.

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